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World War Bitcoin

Thiel-Backed Injects $10 Billion in Crypto Exchange, a blockchain platform whose long-time backers include billionaires Peter Thiel, Alan Howard and Louis Bacon, is launching a crypto exchange that seeks to combine attributes of traditional bourses with the benefits of decentralized finance.

Private-equity firm revives zombie fossil-fuel power plant to mine bitcoin

Power plant was left for dead until the cryptocurrency boom came along.

COVID-19 Rewired Our Brains

You probably know someone who never got COVID but whose whole life was transformed by the pandemic; it now has a meaning.

Palantir accepts bitcoin payments, could invest in cryptocurrency

During the first quarter earnings call, Palantir (NYSE:PLTR) reveals it accepts bitcoin as payment from customers and is considering investing in Bitcoin or another form of cryptocurrency.

TE Sean Culkin, who wanted 2021 salary converted to Bitcoin, released

Culkin, who recently attracted attention for his plan to be the first NFL player to convert 100% of his paycheck to cryptocurrency, was released by the Chiefs on Monday. Culkin was trying to earn a job with the Chiefs as a backup tight end behind starter Travis Kelce.