Bitcoin Forever!


World War Bitcoin

Google Searches For Cryptocurrency Hit All Time High As Tom Brady "Buys The Dip"

Bitcoin Cannot be Banned

The idea that somehow bitcoin can be banned by governments is the final stage of grief, right before acceptance. The consequence of the statement is an admission that bitcoin “works.”

Bitcoiners are Not Toxic - They Have Integrity

The difference between “toxicity” and “integrity” is in the eye of the beholder, and the choice of label says a lot more about the beholder than it does about the people they are labeling.

Why Bennifer 2.0 is the real deal: ‘J.Lo was always obsessed with Ben’

Anthony Pompliano Announces New Pizza Brand That Gives Profit to Bitcoin Developers

Anthony Pompliano, a popular influencer in the crypto community, has announced a new pizza chain called Bitcoin Pizza. Users can order pizza on the new company's website. Then, a local pizzeria will make and deliver the pizza in a Bitcoin Pizza box. Profits will then be donated straight to the Human Rights Foundation Bitcoin development fund.