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World War Bitcoin

Ark Invest CEO Reaffirms $500K BTC

Woods Holds Price Prediction, Says Bitcoin Is in 'Capitulation Phase'

Crypto proved surprisingly resilient

It's often hard to pin down exactly why markets make the gyrations they do. For cryptocurrencies, the prestidigitation of Mr. Market can be particularly mystifying.

Bitcoin bounces back but the crypto turmoil isn't over

The cryptocurrency market stabilized Thursday, with bitcoin (ARSC) climbing back above $40,000.

Over 800,000 Crypto Traders Liquidated in Last 24 Hours

Adam McCarthy Wed, May 19, 2021, 11:00 AM·1 min read In the wake of China extending the ban on cryptocurrencies further and last week’s Twitter musings by Elon Musk the crypto market plunged, the effect of these external impacts can be seen through real-time liquidations, which topped 804,242, in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin Back Above $40K After Biggest Crash in More Than a Year

Bitcoin believers remained bullish throughout “Black Wednesday,” and now the top coin has begun to rebound.

Bitcoin Logo Beach Towel

Flex on them on this summer at the beach. Spread the HODL.