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World War Bitcoin

Bitcoin Pizza Day is being marked by crypto fans

who are grabbing a slice as a tribute to famed bitcoin trader Laszlo Hanyecz

Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratz Insists 'Crypto Revolution Has Happened' Despite Falling Prices, liquidation

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz says that despite massive sell-offs across a broad range of cryptocurrencies, the story of crypto has not changed and “the crypto revolution has happened.” While viewing the current market as a “liquidation event” and a setback, Novogratz still believes in the long-term adoption of bitcoin.

Give Your Graduate the Gift of Crypto

Graduation is a time for celebration, when schools recognize their students’ accomplishments and students prepare to move on to the next stage of their lives. For many families, it also means selecting a gift that can commemorate the experience–and get grads off to a good start in preparing for their financial future.

CME Returns to Second Place in Latest Rankings of Bitcoin Futures Exchanges

The global derivatives giant improves from fifth place earlier this week. Binance ranks first.

Fraudsters Impersonate a US Federal Agency

by Sending Emails Asking for Bitcoin Wallet Keys.

David Rubenstein Says Governments Can’t Stop Crypto

On this week’s “Breakdown Weekly Recap,” NLW explores U.S. regulatory FUD. He specifically looks at recent statements from the SEC’s Gary Gensler, as well as new Treasury Dept. policy that wants businesses to report crypto transactions of over $10,000 to the Internal Revenue Service. He argues that this is a “bureaucrat’s bull market” that will be focused on compliance, not banning.