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World War Bitcoin

Bitcoin, Ether Bounce After Disastrous Week for Crypto Market

The crypto market is going through a relief rally on Monday as bargain hunting is helping major coins regain some poise following last week’s drubbing.

Bitcoin is officially a new asset class: Goldman Sachs

It's time to take bitcoin way more seriously as an investable asset, says Goldman Sachs.

Personally, I’d rather have #bitcoin than a bond

The billionaire hedge fund boss sees an inflationary future where “cash is trash” and BTC catches on as a store of wealth. He still doubts governments will tolerate it.

Marathon Digital Holdings to Transition to 70% Carbon Neutral Mining

Marathon Digital Holdings, a large Bitcoin mining company, has announced that it will create new mining centers that will bring the company to 70% carbon neutral.

Digital gold: Is Bitcoin the future of money?

Wild swings in the value of cryptocurrencies have once again raised questions about the fundamental role and function of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Early Coinbase investor explains why crypto selloffs are ‘quite common’

Initialized Capital Founder & Managing Partner Garry Tan joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss Bitcoin’s volatile weekend after falling about 43% from its recent peak.